au meme: 2Min: Michael’s Fic requested by: Aegitae

He instantly twisted his body in search for the noise, glazed eyes growing wide with incredulity. Blinking back the tears as they halted beneath the surface, trying to clear his vision to be sure he was really seeing it. The smooth stone that incased his beautiful angel was riddanced with a labynth of cracks, constantly splitting in every space. Shock turned to horror in him as his only comfort began to break away, panic forcing it’s way past all emotions and drowning his mind in fear. He reached out, hands clasping the stone in haste to keep together the destructing statue. He lost focus of what was going on, almost for a moment forgetting that the statue was falling apart without cause, the only objective in his mind was to keep it together, blood pumping worry throughout his body. In the statue’s cracks reflected to him was his life, crumbling into nothing but ash at his feet and spilling over his hands where the stone had been. He collapsed to the floor, tears once again scratching through and spilling down his tormented features as he grasped the dusty remains.


(Source: chuffette)